Culinary Arts Intensive @ Michlelet Chana

Culinary Arts Intensive @ Michlelet Chana

February 6, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Michlelet Chana
556 Crown St
NY 11213
Culinary Arts Intensive @ Michlelet Chana @ Michlelet Chana

Michlelet Chana Culinary Arts Intensive Course

Kosher Cooking Concepts is teaming up with Michlelet Chana Chabad Academy, a new post-seminary school in Crown Heights which pairs Torah learning with vocational training.  We are excited to introduce a 15-week intensive culinary arts training course designed for Jewish women.


If you are serious about cooking either professionally or as a home-cook hero, this course is for you!  No prior experience is necessary.

Each Class will run approximately 3 hours.




1. Knife Skills and Kitchen Safety

This practical, hands-on session teaches proper knife techniques used in professional and home kitchens. Students will learn the appropriate knives to use for each purpose and how to chop, slice, etc. quickly, efficiently and safely and apply to different fruits and vegetables.  Safety topics such as proper handling and storage of food, temperatures, cross-contamination, and kitchen sanitation will be covered.  And we will make (and eat) some amazing salads!!


2. The Heat is on!

Sauté, roast, sear and fry your way to delicious meals.  Espresso rubbed rib roast sound good?  How about fresh and crispy fried chicken?  Let’s get going!


3. H2 Ohhhhhhh

Moist-heat cooking produces some of the most profound flavors and comforting textures with braises and stews. Class will cover:  Braising, Shallow poaching, blanching and Steaming.  Wait ’till you try the beer braised deckle!


4. Beyond Bagels and Lox

This class focuses on the techniques and ingredients used in morning meals. Class skills will include: egg cookery, crêpes, quiches, pancakes. Will also discuss balanced brunch menu plans.  The class will be at night but you’ll be ready to start the day!


5. Soups & Stocks

A good soup or stock should be well-balanced and full of flavor.  This class will give an overview of basic stock and soup making techniques: stocks, hearty soups, pureed soups, etc.  Students will also learn proper storage and presentation. When it’s cold outside, everyone loves hot soup!


6. Go Grain!

We all crave the carb.  This class will explore different varieties and cooking methods of grains and legumes.  Rice Pilaf, steamed quinoa, wheat berry salad, lentil stew, oven beans.


7. Baking 101

Baking basics such as proper measuring, baking ingredients and temperatures will be covered.  Students will learn basic pastry dough, pie making, shortcakes & biscuits.  Hope you have a sweet tooth!


8. Baking 102

Learn how to beat egg whites and then make meringues, sponge cakes and roulades.  Class will also cover melting chocolate and making fillings.  You will make the best kiddush in town!


9. Cake Decorating 

Decorating a cake is an art unto itself.  This class will cover basics such as frosting, piping, and basic fondant usage.


10. International Cuisine

Choose your own adventure!  The class will vote on which region they want to visit in the kitchen.  Will we cook Asian, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Middle Eastern, or Indian?  Hint: they are all fantastic!   You will learn about staple herbs, spices and other native ingredients and cooking methods.  You won’t leave hungry from this class!


11. Hors D’oeuvres/Appetizers

Entertaining for a crowd?  This class will teach students how to prepare small appetizers and other starters, including preparation, presentation and balanced menu selections.


12. Pesach without Panic

Yes, it’s that time of year again.  Yes, they are all still coming over to eat.  Don’t freak out.  You will make delicious food, just like your Bubby did.  We’ll show you how.


13. Pasta Party

A dairy class on the best pastas: baked pastas to serve a crowd, homemade sauces, etc.


14. Challah and other breads

Handmade challah, whole grain bread rolls, focaccia, pizza.  Wholesome, carb-filled fun!


15. Graduation/Mock-simchah

Prepare and present a multi-course meal for your family members.  Let them share in all that you have learned this year!  Mazal Tov!



Price includes:

  • Chef’s knife
  • Paring knife
  • Utility knife
  • Large Cutting board
  • Aprons


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